You want to play the game  the game, but first it’s time to walk the walk!   That’s every road, street, alleyway, nook and cranny that will appear on the Faversham Monopoly Board!

How well do you know Faversham? As you may know by now, the board has been designed in a very unique way, by inviting Faversham residents to vote for their favourite roads.  What this means is that there are quite a few roads that are not so well known, waiting to be discovered.  We’ve created a circular walk, with optional extra walks to explore even more of the town – you could do them in a single weekend, or take as long as you like! The shortest walk is just 2km and the longest, taking you out of Faversham and into the countryside is just under 8km.

We will be publishing the walks and maps throughout August, so please come back to download the latest walks, featuring all of the locations featured on the board and their sponsors.

The main circular was is available to download here:

Faversham Monopoly Circular Board Walk

Faversham Monopoly Circular Board Walk Map

Optional Extra walk 1 – The Apple Walk

The Apple Walk Map


Optional Extra Walk 2 – The Water Walk

The Water Walk Map

Faversham Monopoly Water Walk


Optional Extra Walk 3 – The Oare Walk

Faversham Monopoly Oare Walk

Optional Extra Walk 3 – The Ospringe Walk

The Ospringe Way Map