In a beautiful show of community spirit, the residents of Millfield have come together to gain their very own, unique square on the Faversham Monopoly board.

Three Cheers as Millfield Come Together for a Place on Faversham Monopoly.

That’s right, it is with great pleasure that Faversham Monopoly welcomes the residents of Millfield to the board, and how it came about was an act of good spirit that Faversham is always eager to witness and exactly what this project is all about.

With time on the Faversham Monopoly project being called, the residents living on the Millfield estate, didn’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the place where they live be included on the board, so they got together and started to raise the money to fund getting a Millfield Square included.  Long term resident Amanda Whitehead got the residents together to try to make this happen.

Unbeknown to both the residents, and to us at the time, just hours after the residents started fundraising, the project receive multiple requests to be part of the Faversham Monopoly project, So their money was no longer needed.  

However, the residents had come up with £190 and Faversham Monopoly decided that Millfield deserved their place, so we will round this up to £200. Residents decided that the money raised should be donated to West Faversham Community Centre. Needless to say, we feel this is a win win for all!

It doesn’t stop there. In a defiant act of community – the residents of the millfield estate all had a hand in putting their hands in their pockets to ensure their residence held a place on the board, so it has officially become Millfield, instead of Millfield Road to include everyone.

This square takes over from the original board’s Pentonville Road – along the light blue section – and we cannot wait to see the finished product in print. 

Millfield is sponsored by the wonderful Faversham Medical Practice (FMP) and we are delighted in the irony that two community hubs merge on this one square – it was as if it were meant to be!

This is one of the very reasons that Faversham Monopoly was born – to raise the community and to come together. Our bespoke board has been a long time in the planning process, and we are blown away not only by the public response, but also by the pictorial image of so many streets, roads and business of the board itself. 

It is a real representation of why these games are so popular, and a real celebration of our medieval market town.

We are so proud of everyone who has taken the time to raise money and be the sponsors, and we are amazed by how many copies have already been pre-ordered. 

Remember – you can pre-order your copy here today, with only 1500 boards being created, there will not be any more in production afterwards, so grab yours while you can, and be part of the Faversham Monopoly community.