Are we still saying that? We’re a little behind as we’ve been recovering from that was a very hectic run up to, and the Christmas period.

It was truly wonderful seeing so many of you playing Monopoly over the holidays and hearing all of your lovely stories, what cards you loved discovering and how much you enjoyed having the game.

We still have a couple of hundred games left, we have paid Hasbro off, so all of the profits from these games will go back into Faversham’s community groups and charities (more on this below).  If you haven’t yet ordered your copy of Faversham Monopoly you can do so via www.shorewaymarketing.co.uk.

What awaits in 2024?

Whilst we’ve delivered on this project, and are selling the games, Faversham Monopoly will continue throughout 2024. We will be attending some local events, selling our Faversham Monopoly sets and meeting fans of the game.

We have a book coming out called ‘The Making of Faversham Monopoly’, as we believe the way that ours has been created is unique.  It will also give readers the opportunity to learn more about our sponsors, those who supported us via Crowdfunder and how we pulled project this together as a community.

As well as our mugs, books and games, we have also designed some Faversham themed wrapping paper and tags, which we are very excited about, these will be able to be purchased throughout the year.

As promised, we want to raise as much money as possible for local good causes, so everything will be sold in aid of this.

Giving back to the community

This is the exciting bit, being able to distribute profits to those worthy good causes and charities in Faversham and the surrounding area.

We are already supporting (or have pledged to) support the following amazing charities:

Abbey Physic Garden
Faversham Foodbank
Faversham Pools
Faversham Umbrella
Holding On Letting Go
West Faversham Community Centre

But now we are looking for other groups and charities to support.  We would like to reach some of the smaller organisations that often get overlooked.  The grants will be small amounts, either £250 or £500 as we would like to support as many groups as possible.  Ideally the money would go to a specific project that the group is fundraising for.

We are running a poll on our Facebook Discussion Group for members to suggest and vote for worthy causes, that you would like to see supported via the proceeds from Faversham Monopoly sales.

We have a passion for youth groups and mental health, it would be brilliant to catch some of these including specific projects/trips for schools, organisations such as the scouts, sports groups etc.

Unfortunately, we can’t support everyone, so, as we did with the game, those with the most votes will be included, if you don’t get involved, just like the game, you will miss out.

If you aren’t on Facebook but would still like to get involved, please email us at hello@favershammonopoly.co.uk

We will be gifting monies to charities throughout 2024.