As part of Open Faversham we have got together with some of the resident artists based here at Creek Creative to put on our very first outside pop up art exhibition to celebrate some of the people and stories from Faversham, past and present.

Meet Our Faces Of Faversham

Bob Geldof

Bob GeldofWhen you ask someone to name a famous face from Faversham, the chances are the reply will come back,  Bob Geldof.  Bob moved to Faversham in the early 1980’s and has been a familiar part of Faversham life for over 40 year, often spotted browsing in the shops, supporting local events and having a coffee in one of the town’s cafe’s.  Having bought the 12 century Davington Priory in 1982, Bob has raised his family in the town, and he still resides here with French actress Jeanne Marine, his long term partner of over 25 years, who he married in 2015.

Bob Geldof came to fame on the late 1970’s as the signer with Irish punk rock band The Boomtown Rats. The band had number one hits with “Rat Trap” and “I don’t like Monday’s” which he co wrote.  In 1982 Bob starred a the lead character Pink. in Pink Floyd’s iconic film, The Wall.

For many, Bob Geldof is most widely know for his charity and activism work.  Bob Geldof co-wrote the charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to raise money for the Ethiopian Famine relief in 1984.  This single is still one of the biggest selling singles of all time. The song was recorded in a single day by various music A listers performing under the name of Band Aid.

The following year, Bob Geldof organised Live Aid, as he realised that one of the reasons African nations were in such dire peril was the obligation to make repayments on loans that their countries had taken from Western banks. For every pound donated in aid, ten times as much would have to leave the country in loan repayments. More money was needed.

On 13 July 1985 Live Aid took place.  This was a huge event staged simultaneously at the Wembley Stadium in London and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia.  It was the first event to be broadcast live in the UK, with over 16 hours of live Music.

In recognition for this, Bob was awarded an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1986.  “Sir Bob” Still continues to campaign on behalf of many causes, too many for us to list here.  For more information visit his Wikipedia Page.

So, back to Faversham.  Here Bob is able to enjoy a relatively normal life as a Faversham resident, you may well spot him around town, he may even pop into Creek Creative to check out his portrait!

Meet The Artists

Jason Cox (AKA Atomic Squib)

Multi talented Jason is a Illustrator and Graphic designer based at Creek Creative.  You may well have seen some of Jason’s work without realising it.  Having worked with the likes of Mars Confectionery, Tesco, M&S and Marvel Comics, his work is in demand.  Locally he is better know for some of his stylised vintage posters, and for his Ghosts of Faversham series which, we feel would look amazing on beer bottles if there are any brewers reading this!

Indeed, Geoff Sandiford’s group will be performed during Open Faversham this month, and the characters have been beautifully bought to life by Jason’s imaginative illustrations.

Jason as available to commission for a portrait, be it building, vehicle, pet or person. If you are interested please contact Jason direct




Our pop up art exhibition has been put together in collaboration with Shore Way Marketing and the residents of Creek Creative as part of Open Faversham.  If you have enjoyed this exhibition, or have any suggestions/improvements or would simply like to be involved please contact as we would like to develop this in the future to be and annual Street Art style exhibition.


Meet more Faces of Faversham

John Ward

Bessie and Bert

Arthur Percival

Gulliver Immink