As part of Open Faversham we have got together with some of the resident artists based here at Creek Creative to put on our very first outside pop up art exhibition to celebrate some of the people and stories from Faversham, past and present.

Gulliver Immink

Another one of Faversham’s unsung hero’s, Gulliver Immink is one Faversham resident that truly gives back to our town. Former businessman, Gulliver is one of the current Trustees for Abbey Physic Gardens, a magical space in the heart of Faversham that helps people to maintain or improve their physical and mental well being.  The gardens are a haven for visitors to relax and enjoy, connect with others and learn new skills.

The Abbey Physic Gardens offers a range of services and workshops.  To find out more, it’s well worth visiting their website here

Being a trustee of one charity is pretty much a full time commitment, but Gulliver isn’t afraid of getting stuck in and supporting local causes.  Until recently he was also a trustee for Faversham Creek Trust, where he was involved with a number of projects, but he is most passionate about engaging the younger Faversham residents.  Often taking Ottor, a half length replica of the famous Graveney boat that was discovered on Graveney Marshes in the 1970s, into schools for pupils to learn more about the Anglo Saxons and our coastal heritage.

His passion for supporting local youth groups and his passion for our maritime heritage meant that Gulliver also volunteered for the Sea Cadets for a number of years, regularly attending events and parades.

In addition to this, Gulliver has been a active campaigner for local causes and initiatives, including Faversham’s 20’s Plenty campaign,  undertaking studies into Faversham’s air pollution issues, and campaigning against the solar farm at Graveney.

It is thanks to people like Gulliver that Faversham is such a lovely town to live and work in, and we hope he enjoys being part of our selection of Faversham Faces.

Meet The Artists

Jason Cox (AKA Atomic Squib)

Multi talented Jason is a Illustrator and Graphic designer based at Creek Creative.  You may well have seen some of Jason’s work without realising it.  Having worked with the likes of Mars Confectionery, Tesco, M&S and Marvel Comics, his work is in demand.  Locally he is better know for some of his stylised vintage posters, and for his Ghosts of Faversham series which, we feel would look amazing on beer bottles if there are any brewers reading this!

Indeed, Geoff Sandiford’s group will be performed during Open Faversham this month, and the characters have been beautifully bought to life by Jason’s imaginative illustrations.

Jason as available to commission for a portrait, be it building, vehicle, pet or person. If you are interested please contact Jason direct




Our pop up art exhibition has been put together in collaboration with Shore Way Marketing and the residents of Creek Creative as part of Open Faversham.  If you have enjoyed this exhibition, or have any suggestions/improvements or would simply like to be involved please contact as we would like to develop this in the future to be and annual Street Art style exhibition.

Meet more Faces of Faversham

John Ward

Bessie and Bert

Bob Geldof

Arthur Percival